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Calibration and Master equipment is Traceable to NPL, RTC, ERTL or BY NABL


Calibrations of all equipments are carried out as per national/international calibration producers. The calibrations are carried out under controlled environment conditions such as temperature, humidity, vibration and light intensity. All these results for better accuracy and lesser uncertainty of measurements. All the calibrations are done by expert operators with stringent quality control procedures and back-up data is maintained for quick retrieval of observations made at any time.
All our calibration certificates are containing the traceability value of uncertainty which is mandatory for a calibration certificate

List of few equipments for which we carry out the calibration are as follows:

        Profile Projector         Snap Gauge
        Microscopes         Comparator Stand
        Micrometer Vernier Caliper         Pin Gauge
        Height Gauge         Bevel Protractors
        Dial Indicator         Combination Set
       Spirit Level         Bore Gauge
       Ring Gauge         Torque Wrench
       Radius Gauges         Pressure Gauge, Vacuum Gauge
       Thread Gauges         Thermocouple
       Slip Gauge         Temperature Gauge
       Coating Thickness Gauges         Digital Temperature Indicator
       Temperature Controller         Hardness tester and feller gauges


We are actively proceeding for the grant of accreditation certificate by NABL (national accreditation board for calibration & and test laboratories which is under the department of Science and Technology New Delhi.


Aditya Calibration also provides the repairing facility for Profile Projector, microscopes, Mechanical Instruments such as Vernier caliper, Dial indicator, Plunger dial, and micrometer with the Reasonable Prices . The repairing is done at our works premises only.


All our master equipment is calibrated by NPL, RTC, ERTL or BY NABL accredited laboratories traceable to national standards.

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