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About us

About us:
Globalization of Trade & Commerce has spurred the moment of ISO-9000 series certification in the measuring, inspection test instruments & gauges used on the line should be in known state of calibration with N.P.L. traceablity.Such traceable calibration can be carried out by sign National traceable masters. National Standard or International Standard.  With known UNCERTAINTY of calibration. Periodical calibration of all the instruments & gauges is highly recommended & is a standard practice in all quality conscious & progressive organization world wide, thus the practice of periodic calibration is of vital importance for Quality Assurance. 

We take pleasure to introduce ourselves as a service organization established to do the calibration of precision measuring instruments,  gauges, equipments & aids.  Besides that we also undertake repairing instruments. 

We offer very regular service & designed a very competitive pricing for our calibration service as compared to other companies. Our lead-time is very minimum, we offer you quick service so that your production does not suffered & equipments does not remain blocked in for calibration. We can conduct the calibration at work as when required as  a special case. Our calibrating instruments & standards, are certificates traceable to National Standard & International Standard NPL Delhi & NABL accreditated Laboratory.

We also undertake maintenance and repairing of Mechanical Instruments Such as Micrometer, Vernier Caliper, Dial Test Indicator or Plunger Dial, and some electrical instruments.

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